Now I am assuming that you have all 3 account ready to start making money.

Email Account
PayPal account
Bank account

Step 4  How to create account in PTC site 

There are many PTC (Paid to Click) site available to create account but only few of them are trustworthy, honest and are not scam. I am listing two site whom I trust and have made money.

PayPal account receive money
SBI bank account
Ptc sites make money
gmail account
earn money online india without investment

1 ClixSense

2 Neobux​

ClixSense is on top position in my list. Every Indian who are willing to make money without investment, must create account on this site. To know more about this site read article ClixSense India Review 

In this article you will find answer of all your doubt related to ClixSense.

For ClixSense account creation read the article

How to create ClixSense account

ClixSense is genuine site to earn money online in India without investment. I will update the post about neobux very soon.

Ways of making money online with ClixSense

Clicking ads or viewing ads is not only way of making money.You can make money online by following different ways.

1)  Completing surveys

Paid surveys are great program to earn money at home. Although there are many survey sites available but most of them don't allow Indian user to create account. If they allow there won't be much survey to complete and it become difficult for India user to make money. ClixSense  is site which provide option for completing survey. For more detail you can checkout article Online survey jobs in India

2)  Playing games online

Yes that's true. Instead of playing game on facebook and in your mobile App. You can make money by playing games on sites which gives you money for playing it.  Not only you will enjoy, you will also be able to make money. One of the game is ClixGrid which is easiest game to play and does not require much skill.  You can find much more detail about ClixGrid in article Earn money by Playing games 

3) Installing apps on your mobile

Have you ever thought of this ? But you can. If you have android phone or I phone you can make money by installing apps in your mobile. Most of the app developer want to promote their app which is new so to make it popular they gives money . To know the process if installing app and making money go to  Earn money by installing apps

4) Watching Videos

Everyone watch videos on youtube but you don't get money for it. But in ClixSense sometimes there are offers where you can earn money by watching videos. 

5) Completing Task

Task provide great opportunity to make money online in ClixSense. Most of the top earner of this website  are making money by completing task. Crowdflower is company which is associated with ClixSense and provide task to complete and once you are done by completing task you will be get paid for it. Task may be like Finding contact details from different website , or task may be simple like solving math question. If you maintain good accuracy you will get more task to do and more task means more money.

6) Completing offer

Offer may be like shopping online or order food online. For example if you order or purchase any item through Flikart or Myntra site you simply order and you get your order at home. Same way here if You have account on ClixSense and go to site like Myntra or FoodPanda for order something you will get paid for it and money will be credited in your ClixSense account.

7) Referring friends

Last but not the least . Referring friend is the method through which I have made huge money from this site . Actually ClixSense site has program called affiliates program . In this program if you refer this site to any one of your friend or relative or any one else you will get $.1 (6 Rupee) per person . There is no limit how many friends you can refer .For example if you refer this site to 100 of your friend you will get immediately( .1*100)=$10 in your ClixSense account. so if $1 price is 60 Rupee today you will be get around 600 Rupee in a single day..

What is means of Referring here?

When I say referring it means you will share a link called referral link to your friend and when your friend create account on ClixSense site through your referral  link you get money. As soon as your friend will create account, after 1 minute you will get money in your ClixSense account.

Now your next question will be how to find referral link .To know this read article 

Clixsense India Review

Once you get referral link next question will be how to share this link . You can share this referral link through Facebook ,Email, SMS, WhatsApp or if you have any blog or website there you can share it. 

How to tell your friend how to create account? For this you can share this article link (www.indianincome.com/how-to-create-clixsense-account.html) to your friend so that it may be easy for him/her to create account on this site.

Why making money online should be Preferred way of earning ?

The good thing about making money online is 

1)  You are at home and safe

2)  You are boss of your own job

3)  You don't need to worry about Salary. Whenever you want you can transfer money in your bank account. You do not need to wait till month end

4) You can spend quality time with your family while working from home

5) You don't required any specific knowledge or college degree to make money online

Everything you can learn from Internet.


Pros of making money online without investment is you are not putting your hard earned money on risk. Even if you are not able to make money no problem, you have nothing to lose. Its good specially for students in India, they can earn money online from home without any investment.​​


​In this article I have explained How to make money online without any investment in India. PTC sites are just one way to earn money without investment but it's not only the way, if you will search on Google you will find different ways but i prefer PTC sites to make money and that's why I shared with you all this way of earning.